Recruiter FAQ for the Virtual Fair

What time is the virtual Face-to-Face-Fair?

There will be three sessions for recruiters to meet and candiates. These are drop in sessions and not interviews. 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM IST Noon to 2:00 PM IST 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST The above times are listed in Indian Standard Time.

Can schools sign-up for more than on time slot?

Yes, your school can sign up for as many sessions as they want. However, once your school signs up for a session, the school needs to commit to attending. Candidates plan their day based on the times the school are attending.

How will recruiters and candidates connect?

Each school will provide their web conference link, e.g. a Zoom link, Google Meet, Webex link, etc. We recommend that you select a platform that can enable waiting rooms Candidates will receive a link to a landing page where school web conference links will be published as well as any other information each school provides. School must check meeting links, Meeting Id and passwords.

Can my school have more than one web conference link?

Yes - e.g. each division can provide a link. Elementary School Link Middle School Link High School Link All School Link

When will schools interview candidates?

The signup times are an opportunity for recruiters to connect with candidates briefly.
Each school will decide when they will schedule interviews with candidates. Interviews can take place the same day or at a later date.

What else do schools need to do to prepare for the fair?

  • Update vacancies
  • Register recruiters for the fair as they will receive an invite for the fair opening sessions.
    • To register a recruiter for the fair - log in to your school’s profile, click on the recruiter’s name, mark a check near the fair they will attend.
  • Approve alumni candidate requests. The candidates cannot access the database until you confirm that they worked at your school.
  • Complete candidate endorsements.

What expectations are there for recruiting schools at the Fair.

Schools will recruit diring the time they signup for and rbe presnet the entire time. Schools must check and provide the correct meeting infotrmation: Correct web conference link Meeting ID Passowrd

What is the welcome session?

Prior to each session, there will be a short welcome for the candidates and recruiters. You will receive links to sign up for this optional session.

Where will all the live meeting links be posted?

Candidates will view this page -

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