GRC Face-To-Face Fair Bangkok Recruiter Guidelines

What will GRC provide for recruiters at the Fair?

During the sign-up session, each school will be assigned a table and two chairs where recruiters can meet candidates and schedule interviews. Each table is approximately 6' x 2'. Face-to-Face-Fair Bangkok 2019 Floor Plan

What do schools need to bring to the Fair?

  • School signage (preferably a table overlay), school brochures, and other materials to distribute to candidates. As there is limited space between the tables, avoid bringing large floor standees.
  • Recruiting schools are responsible for equipment such as projectors, screens, laptops, etc. Schools can bring these items or make arrangements with the hotel to rent them.
  • Charge all devices as extension boards are not available.
  • Small standee, chart paper, etc. to post vacancies.
  • Bring any stationery you will require.
  • For photocopying and other office services, recruiting schools can use the business center at their own cost.

When can recruiters collect their ID badge for the Fair?

  • Friday - November 22 between 6:0 PM and 8:00 PM at the GRC Helpdesk near the hotel reception desk.
  • Saturday - November 23 between 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM in the pre-function area of the Silom Ballroom.
  • Badges will only be available for recruiters who have indicated in the database that they will attend the Face-to-Face-Fair.

Where will the interviews take place?

Once interview sign-ups are completed on November 23, schools determine their interview location. We recommend that you interview in the Hotel coffee shops/restaurants, and common seating areas in the hotel lobby. The ballroom is available for interviews up to 1 PM.

What else do we need to know about fair logistics?

  • All signage must be free-standing; the hotel does not permit any materials to be stuck on walls. Standees are not permitted in hallways outside rooms.
  • No chairs should be placed in the hallways. Candidates are discouraged from crowding the hallways while waiting for interviews.
  • We are a green fair. We will not be handing out any printed materials.
  • Badges will be printed for recruiters marked "Attending Fair" in the database. Please update by November 17.
  • Candidates and Recruiters will wear their badge at all times:
  • Recruiters will receive name badges with a blue lanyard.
  • Candidates will receive name badges with an orange lanyard.
  • Be mindful of the number of recruiters at the tables during the Candidate Signup Session.
  • There are no presentations for the candidates.

How will recruiters and candidates communicate at the Fair?

  • Wifi is available throughout the hotel; please communicate with candidates via email. there are no mailboxes.
  • There will be a help desk to assist all Fair participants from 7 AM - 3 PM on Saturday.

Will the GRC conduct any background or reference checks?

  • No. The GRC is not responsible for candidate background verification and reference checks.
  • All Schools should follow their safe hiring policies and procedures and complete background and reference checks. Recruitment Practices ICMEC Education Portal.
  • All schools must follow safe recruiting pricatices and complete all necessary checks.

What are the responsibilities of the school / recruiters for the Fair?

  • Update the vacancies in the database. Mark vacancies as “filled”, if you are no longer interviewing for that vacancy. Candidates will be directed to the database to check the status of vacancies.
  • Ensure that all candidates are endorsed and alumni candidates are approved.
  • Track the number of interviews conducted and contracts offered; you will receive a short survey after the Fair.
  • Mark applicants as “Shortlisted” and “Hired”.
  • Recruiters at the Fair should arrive on time and set up their table on time.
  • If you will not attend, please inform GRC by November 15.

Will the rooms be cleaned before the interviews?

  • If you will be interviewing in your room and you want it cleaned, call the front desk and let them know that you would like the room cleaned by the time your return.
  • Place a sign on your door for housekeeping to clean your room.

Should recruiters contact candidates prior to the Fair?

If there are candidates you are interested in interviewing or meetin , please reach out to them before the fair. We encourage you to set up appointments in advance. Candidates are encouraged to apply for positions before the Fair.

Will GRC provide Meals and Refreshments?

Candidates and recruiters are responsible for their meals. GRC will not be providing any meals/refreshments.

Will GRC provide car parking?

GRC will not validate parking. Recruiters and candidates are responsible for their own parking.

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