FAQs for Recruiters

What commitment are we making by joining the GRC?

  1. You commit to actively participating in a recruitment collaborative that seeks to simplify the candidate search and hiring process:​
    • Ensuring that your school's profile and vacancies are updated
    • Exiting faculty and alumni are invited to register as candidates
    • Follow through on candidates by completing the endorsement, approving candidates
    • Provide feedback about the collaborative’s tools and processes while the recruitment process is taking place and after the recruitment cycle has closed.

Does it cost money?​

There is no cost to join the GRC, there are no subscription fees and there are no placement fees that schools will have to pay upon hiring candidates.

What will be in the database?

  1. Simplified Profiles - The database has been designed to capture essential candidate data. Once a candidate registers in the database, s/he is only required to include a resume, a list of references and some basic demographic data.

Does the collaborative conduct criminal background checks on candidates in the databases?

Recruiting schools are responsible for backgrounds and reference checks. The GRC is not equipped to handle police or interpol clearances. As candidate screening requirements are not the same for all schools, individual schools will be responsible for meeting any candidate screening requirements they may have. Please know that no candidates in the GRC database have provided any background checks to the GRC for countries they’ve previously lived in.

How do confidential recommendations and reference checks work in the collaborative?

We will not be asking candidates’ supervisors to complete recommendation forms for candidates. In lieu of recommendation forms, we have incorporated an "endorsement function" into the database. The recruiter will see one of the following ratings, from their current employer, on each candidate:

  • I would hire this teacher again without reservations or conditions.
  • A good candidate, give me a call.
  • I would not rehire this teacher.
Each school is responsible for conducting further reference checks on candidates.
Candidates registering as Alumni of any school cannot be endorsed.

Will the head of school be aware of all their current teachers who have chosen to enter the database?

When candidates from your school submit their applications, the Head of School will receive a notification and have the opportunity to endorse the candidates.

Do candidates need to resign prior to signing up?

By requiring teachers to use their work email ID to join the collaborative, recruiters will be aware of any teacher who has joined the collaborative. We aim to work in a 'no surprises' environment. It is a candidate’s responsibility to follow any notification procedures or requirements set by his/her current school.

Are other search agencies going to charge me for candidates in their database even though I hired a candidate through the collaborative?

The collaborative is not responsible for and will not mitigate any fees charged by any other organizations nor will it reimburse or equalize these fees. We recommend that schools keep very good records about who is hired through the collaborative.