FAQ for Candidates

What commitment am I making by joining the GRC?

Your commitment extends to:
Registering as a candidate in a recruitment collaborative that seeks to simplify the candidate search and hiring process.
Maintaining an up to date and accurate single profile in the database. The Collaborative depends on candidates maintaining an accurate up to date profile and disabling (hiding) their profile when they are not seeking a position. Candidates whose emails are continuosly reported as "Delivery Failure", your profile will be made invisible. Every candidate is permitted a single profile. Candidates registering with multiple profiles will be flagged in the system and disabled and or deleted.
Agreeing to the Terms of the Global Recruitment Collaborative's Privacy Policy.

What are the costs?​

None. There is no cost to join the GRC, no subscription fees, no fees to attend the Face-to-Face-Fairs, and no placement fees that schools will have to pay upon hiring candidates. No party may collect any fees on behalf of the Collaborative.

What candidate data will be stored in the database?

Simplified Profiles - The database has been designed to capture essential candidate data. Candidates registering with the GRC are only required to provide basic biographical data, contact details, a resume, a photo, and a list of references for confidential endorsements.

Does the GRC conduct criminal background checks on registered candidates in the database?

No. Recruiting schools are responsible for background and reference checks. The GRC is not equipped to conduct background verification or police clearances. As candidate screening requirements are not the same for all schools, individual schools are responsible for meeting any candidate screening requirements they may have. Please know that no candidates in the GRC database have provided any background checks to the GRC. GRC strongly recommends all recruiting schools follow safe recruitment practices.

How do confidential recommendations and reference checks work in the collaborative?

In keeping with “Recruitment Simplified”, we will not ask candidates’ supervisors to complete long recommendation forms for candidates. In lieu of recommendation forms, we have incorporated an "endorsement function" into the database. Referees will see one of the following statements when filling in the endorsement: I would hire this teacher again without reservations or conditions. A good candidate, give me a call. I would not rehire this teacher. There is also a text box for references to add a sentence or two about the candidate. References cannot be deleted. Each school is responsible for and encouraged to conducting further reference checks on candidates. Registered candidates should expects recruiting schoools to complete comprehensive refrence and background checks.

Will the head of school be aware of all their current teachers who have chosen to enter the database?

Yes. We want to operate in a transparent, mutually respectful environment. When candidates register in the database, the Head of School will receive a notification and be prompted to endorse the candidate.

Do candidates need to resign before signing up?

By requiring teachers to use their work email ID to join the Collaborative, recruiters will be aware of any teacher who has joined the Collaborative. We aim to work in a “no surprises” environment. It is a candidate’s responsibility to follow any notification procedures or requirements set by their current school.

Are other search agencies going to charge me for using their database even though I acquired my position through the Collaborative?

The Collaborative is not responsible for and will not mitigate any fees charged by any other organizations nor will it reimburse or equalize these fees.

If I am registered in the GRC Database and I change my school, can I still participate in the GRC?

You will need to change your profile to an “Alumni” status:
Log in to your profile and select the "Settings" tab
Change your email to your personal email under “Make me an Alumni”
Activate the button near “Make me an Alumni”
Once you change your status to "Alumni" an email is sent to your school to confirm your candidacy. As soon as the school approves you will receive an email with your login and password.

I have completed my job search. How do I disable my profile?

Log in to your profile: Click on "Settings" Activate the "Hide Profile" button Once you disable your profile, recruiters will not be able to view you as a candidate in the GRC database.You can log in and activate your profile at any time. Please retain your login and password.

What are "Follow" and "Likes"?

If you choose to receive updates when schools post a vacancy please click on "Follow" on the school's profile page.
If you choose to let a school know that you are interested in their school then click on "Like" on the school's profile page.

Can I add, delete, or modify endorsements and references?

You can add as many references as you like. Once a reference has been listed, you cannot delete the reference. If a reference has a change in their email address, you can only update their email. No other fields can be modified.

Can I delete my profile?

Once a profile is deleted, you cannot re-register as a candidate.

How do I register for the Face-to-Face-Fairs?

Log in to your profile Click on the “Settings” tab Check the box near the Face-to-Face-Fair you want to attend. You will have to register for each Face-to-Face-Fair separately. GRC will not send a separate confirmation for your registration. To check if you are registered for a Fair: Log in to your profile You will see "I will attend the GRC Face-to-Face Fair xxxx" on your profile.

Are all candidates able to attend the Face-to-Face-Fairs?

Yes, however, both fairs have a maximum number of candidates that can be accommodated. As soon as we have reached maximum capacity, we will close registration for the Fair. Candidates registering for the CIS workshop must register separately for the Face-to Face-Fair in Bangkok.

What if I register for the Face-to-Face-Fair and I am unable to attend?

You must cancel your registration before the Fair. Candidates who register and do not attend may not be able to register for future Face-to-Face-Fairs.

Are all candidate profiles confirmed by the GRC?

The GRC reserves the right to decline candidates. Candidates may be declined if : They have not worked in accredited schools. They lack professional (supervisor) references. Reference details are incomplete. Profiles are incomplete or filled incorrectly.

I already have a candidate profile, but I am working for a new school, do I create a new profile?

NO - you must log in with the original profile. Each candidate is permitted a single profile in the database. Candidates with multiple profiles will be flagged by the system and additional profiles will be disabled and deleted.

CAUTION : Beware of Fraudelent Emails

The Global Recruitment Collaborative (GRC) does not:

  1. Charge candidates or recruiters any fees.
  2. Send employment offers.
  3. Authorize anyone to either collect money or arrive at any monetary arrangement in return for a job.

The Global Recruitment reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against any individuals/entities making an employment offer in return for money or other types of gain·

If you receive any unauthorized, suspicious or fraudulent offers or interview call, please send an email to info@grcfair.org.