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Dear GRC Colleagues,


Rain, snow, or shine; a global pandemic still raging or not...something never change: Recruitment must go on—and your journey as an International educator continues! Greetings from your Global Recruitment Collaborative! GRC. We hope, all things considered, that you, your families, and your friends are healthy, happy, and thriving!  


Based on our evolving vision as well as the amazing feedback (and ideas) we are always getting from you, our team has been busy planning GRC events for the 2021-22 school year. Here are the big ones to mark in your calendar.


  • October 16, 2021 (1 PM to 4 PM Indian Standard Time): For the first time, the GRC will host a Recruiting Boot Camp, for candidates. The event will showcase a panel of school leadership for candidates to engage with, followed up by specific “successful-recruitment-focused” workshops in multiple breakout rooms. The GRC’s goals has always been to support candidates to be as well prepared as they possibly can, and to put their best selves forward in the market. So, plan to join the Boot Camp and polish yourself up ahead of the fairs. In order for us to really address the most pressing and relevant questions, of candidates, we ask you to share any questions, you might have, about recruiting and transitioning to your next job here. 

  • November 13 and December 4: We have scheduled two Virtual Recruiting Fairs for this first semester. You can log in to your GRC profile and register for the fairs. We do ask that once you register, you commit to attending the fairs. The GRC will be capping the number of participants at each fair to ensure a healthy ratio between schools, candidates, and jobs.

One of the big questions we have all been wrestling with in the pandemic-world is: Are virtual recruitment fairs worth it? Or is having access to a great data-base enough? In the end, the GRC believe virtual fairs are worth it! And for two particular reasons:

  • It demands a certain and necessary discipline of both the schools and the candidates to “get ready” and show up to an event to work. With out the deadline and expectations of a fair a sort of natural procrastination seeps into the process. 

  • It offers a streamlined and synergized moment for all the work of recruitment. And that feels good.


Finally, we heard your feedback and will be launching the following features to the GRC platform:

  • Candidates can indicate if they are available to work virtually.

  • Candidates can inform schools of their vaccination status.


As you prepare for the upcoming recruiting season, please:

  • Update your profile - add  your professional experience, resume, and references

  • Follow the GRC on social media

  • Share the attached flyers with your colleagues


For any questions or assistance, please do reach out to


In Partnership,

GRc Planning Team

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