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Global Recruitment Collaborative Schools

About Us

The Global Recruitment Collaborative (GRC) emerged from a very simple premise - Create a database of high caliber educators, field tested at some of the best international schools in the world, with a passion for learning in an international context. 


We believe that the ‘aha’ moment between recruiter and candidate does not happen when reading a recommendation, scanning through work history or reviewing an inventory of skills and attitudes. It happens in conversation; where recruiters can bring out the essence of their school’s culture and candidates can share how they deliver their educational philosophy.

The GRC is a Collaborative, Simple, and Free platform for international schools to connect. We provide only the important information recruiters and candidates need to screen vacancies and connect with each other. This is the beginning of what we hope is a new way for international schools to recruit. There are no costs or fees charged to recruiting schools and candidates. 

We welcome any and all of your feedback as we work towards making this a useful and powerful component in your recruitment toolkit.

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